Artist Statement

The roots of my art lie in abstract art; in particular painting, process driven excursions into light texture and colour, that are influenced largely by American and European abstract painting and its surrounding dialogues, as well as generative art, science and the notion of expanded and experimental cinema. Taking many forms it often deals with a fusion of painterly and cinematic language as well as drawing on theories connected to both of these histories.

Inherent in all my work are systems and processes which have a degree of autonomy, stemming from an appreciation of process driven and systematic abstraction, from which parallels can be drawn to mathematical and information and natural systems of formation. Working in a variety of media I produce works which reference both art history and are often also concerned with spacial and physical illusion and the effect of time and multiple forces on a particular system.

Also of importance to my work is a sense of wonder and beauty, or a meditative aspect. I often try to play with the viewers perception and physical responses to engage them in a dialogue between the real and the virtual.